Apr 4

and now for a special Spring Break edition of foooooood.

Shamu food at San Diego Sea World!

-Shamu cupcake

-Shamu cookie

and that, my friends, concludes my spring break, 2012.

Oct 8


it’s been a while.

here is some delicious food i’ve consumed lately.

-pizza at Bottega Louie in downtown LA. half sausage half bianco

-souffle at Bottega Louie for Sareen’s farewell dinner!

-best guacamole in the world-at The Office in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. really cool restaurant, go if you’re there!

-Key Lime Pie at a restaurant from the resort we stayed in while in Cabo

-Three Milk Chocolate Cake at the same restaurant

-Breakfast sandwich from Buttermilk food truck for USC’s food truck wars. yummmm